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Saggar Fire Gallery

A saggar is a protective chamber used to contain a delicate piece of pottery. The concept of firing within a saggar originated with the ancient Chinese. Today the bisque pot is placed in a saggar along with combustible materials to be exposed to the pot during firing. The fuming that results from the materials added to the saggar produce irregular color patterns on the pot. Sometimes the surface is covered with terra sigilata, a clay slip, to create a smooth surface that can be burnished. Saggar fired pots are purely decorative, are not food safe and will not hold water.

S1 10 x 5in

S2 11 x 5in

S3 12 x 6 in


S4 12 x 6in

S5 11 x 5in

S6 7 x 3in


S7 14 x 6in

S8 12 x 5in

 Each piece of Tom Willis Pottery is designed to be used and enjoyed.  The pottery is individually crafted, not mass-produced, so there is a an ever-changing array of pottery items available for sale.  Choose from bowls, plates, vases and other decorative pieces – all individually designed, kiln fired and glazed from Tom’s custom blending process that creates a unique glaze palette.