Carbon Trap Shino Pottery | American Shino glazed by potter Tom Willis

Tom Willis Pottery

Carbon Trap Shino Gallery

Shino glazes have origins in Japan where the translucent off-white glazes were rustic, reserved, and treasured. American Shino glazes are bolder but yet retain an earthy beauty.  The glaze components have various melting stages when fired and it is during the first melt that the atmosphere inside the kiln is adjusted to produce varying amounts of carbon which entangles itself into the melting glazes. The carbon remains trapped inside of the glaze rather than burning out.  The firing is done in a gas reduction kiln and the firing atmosphere is closely monitored. This type of pottery is water tight and food safe.
Carbon Trap  Carbon Trap 2

5″ x 4″

C2 – 4″ x 5″

C3 5″x 3″

 Carbon Trap 4

6 in x 3 in

 C5 7 x 3 in

 C6 9 x 5 in


 C7 10 x 6 in

 C8 6 x 6 in

 C9 8 x 6 in


 C10 8 x 8 in

 C11 22 x 10 in

 C12 18 x 8 in


 C13 8 x 3 in

 C14 6 x 5 in

 C15 4 x 4 in

Each piece of Tom Willis Pottery is designed to be used and enjoyed.  The pottery is individually crafted, not mass-produced, so there is a an ever-changing array of pottery items available for sale.  Choose from bowls, plates, vases and other decorative pieces – all individually designed, kiln fired and glazed from Tom’s custom blending process that creates a unique glaze palette.