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Tom Willis Pottery


Porcelain and stoneware clay bodies are fired to higher temperatures producing a highly vitreous, dense and durable pot for regular use. Porcelain and stoneware clay provides the potter with the opportunity for refinement of form and the development of personal glazes. The unique shapes, rich feel of the surfaces and the subtle color of the glazes reflect the signature work of the potter. The function of high fired pottery is to be used and it is suitable for dinnerware, teapots, cups and vases. It is water tight and is oven and dishwasher safe.

HF1 12 x 3in

HF2 4 x 4in

HF3 5 x 4in


HF 3 x 8in

HF5 2 x 2in

HF6 8 x 6in


HF7 14 x 5in

HF8 8 x 3in

HF9 4 x 10in


HF10 3 x 4in

HF11 3 x 4in

Each piece of Tom Willis Pottery is designed to be used and enjoyed.  The pottery is individually crafted, not mass-produced, so there is a an ever-changing array of pottery items available for sale.  Choose from bowls, plates, vases and other decorative pieces – all individually designed, kiln fired and glazed from Tom’s custom blending process that creates a unique glaze palette.