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Raku was first developed by Korean potters and adapted by the Japanese to use for tea bowls in their tea ceremony. American raku pottery is made using a low fire technique where the kiln temperature is rapidly brought up to 1600-1900 degrees F. The pots are removed with tongs and placed in a metal container with combustible materials and the container is covered to smother the flames. The post firing reduction and fuming of the pots creates flashes of unpredictable color. Raku pottery is for decorative use only and will not hold water and is not food safe.

R1 4 x 12in – NFS

R3 14 x 6 in – $41.00

R4 16 x 8in

R5 12 x 12in

R6 6 x 6in

R7 6 x 6in

R8 6 x 6in

R9 3 x 6 in

R10 4 x 14in

R11 8 x 8in

R12 8 x 8 in

R13 8 x 8in

R14 12 x 8in

R15 4 x 8 in

R16 4 x 8in

Each piece of Tom Willis Pottery is designed to be used and enjoyed.  The pottery is individually crafted, not mass-produced, so there is a an ever-changing array of pottery items available for sale.  Choose from bowls, plates, vases and other decorative pieces – all individually designed, kiln fired and glazed from Tom’s custom blending process that creates a unique glaze palette.